About Us

Our history begins in 2007. More than 15 years ago we established well known brand on Polish market and started to expand throughout Europe with our young and dynamic team.

Nowadays we are leading company in eyelash industry and still expanding for the new fields.

Our main selling categories are products for eyelash extension and eye stylization. However we are focused not only on distribution of our products, but also on expanding range of our offer to make it more complementary. This makes us a unique company and let us stand out from the competition on the market.

We cooperate with beauty salons, wholesalers and individual clients.

Our products are made by the best manufactories with highest quality. We meticulously test them to offer our clients the very best whose ultimate satisfaction is a confirmation of our professional approach. That is why we can offer reasonable price and great quality.

We have several products that are our original ideas and are unavailable from competitors. They are unique on a global scale (such as exercise head, which is in the process of patent legalization).

We are constantly improving the offered products that have been on the market for years, and in this way the competitiveness of the products in relation to competing products increases significantly. For example, we have a series of fragranced products such as primers, shampoos for eyelashes, remover – that makes us the only company in the world that has such a wide range of fragrance versions of these products (fragrances: banana, strawberry, mango, jasmine, cherry, coconut), which is extremely competitive (95% of competing companies have only unscented versions).

Our company attaches great importance to the created formulas and designs by producing new products and improving the market and responding to customer demand, thus making the work of stylists more attractive. All products are made from the highest quality ingredients, ensuring high durability and effectiveness.


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